Personalized Education

As an experienced and certified Montessori educator, I understand and believe that the most efficient way to share knowledge with children is by guiding them individually and not through large classrooms.

I have created Montessori House, based on the philosophy that PERSONALIZED education is the key to develop the real potential of the child. Recognizing their interests, skills, and needs. All this can be achieved when an educator develops a genuine personal relationship with the child.

My mission is to provide high-quality education by offering a different experience in a space where children feel comfortable and can explore, investigate, and create. Montessori House is my home, where I welcome human beings and guide them through the most crucial stage in their lives (childhood).

Children will be engaged in the area of learning they like the most. With a Montessori guided education, they will become aware and be encouraged to make their own choices and learn to be independent.

Montessori House individualized education

Academic Quality - Offering your child the opportunity to be part of Montessori House means that she or he will receive a rich curriculum.

Through recognition of the child's individual learning needs, I will create costume made lessons designed specifically for him/her. These lessons are developed following the Montessori method and philosophy strictly. Montessori education strongly advised that children start the Montessori cycle at the age of 3 years old.


During the absorbing mind development stage (3 to 6 years old), children will understand concepts in all different areas of studies (Mathematics, science, language, geography, etc.). Same as other children that attend a regular public, private, or private Montessori institution.

At the end of the kindergarten program (6 years old), your child will receive a homeschooling certificate. At this stage, your child will be ready to enter the primary school program at any private or public education institution.

Self-paced learning – Students have an individualized learning path, and work at their own pace to complete daily goals and learning objectives. Once the student can demonstrate that they have mastered a skill set, they are free to move on to the next goal or receive additional help, if needed.

Engaging – I create lessons exclusively for the child interest following the Montessori method and philosophy. Always keeping the students motivated.

Safety – Instinctively children feel a stronger sense of security when they are welcome at a house where they sympathize with its surroundings and with the people (educator). Learning at a house environment will offer children a sense of wellness, tranquility, and trust, giving them the right mindset to acquire new knowledge.


Positive Socialization with people of different ages -  One of the characteristics of the Montessori methodology and philosophy is to have mixed-age classrooms. But even at a Montessori school setting, often children don't have the opportunity to interact and learn from older or younger children. Children of different ages learning from each other, this is what I'm trying to accomplish at Montessori House. Children will have a real chance of learning from each other within a small group.