My Approach

Montessori House follows the Montessori philosophy, its Curriculum, and learning method; supported on it, children have the opportunity to work through 5 specific areas of learning (Practical life, Mathematics, Language, Sensorial, Science / Culture).

Nevertheless; Montessori House Curriculum adds a new field of education we called HUMAN AWARENESS that promotes and holds in the child a bold vision of concepts as dignity, respect, understanding, trust, kindness, compassion, reverence, honesty and love.

The purpose of this area is to make children aware of their powerful nature as human beings, and the causes and effects that they produce when they make choices. this area also works to increase the child's intuitive ability to "Know Thyself."

Through the Montessori House curriculum, I guide and reinforce the child's knowledge in areas as (social studies, geography, history, astronomy, arts, music, and Spanish as a second language) giving it the same importance as other areas.

My goal with this Curriculum is to foster the growth of the whole child: Humanely, intellectual, physical, and social.


Progress and evaluation:

Montessori does not use standardized tests; the child does not memorize to pass a test; the child learns more comprehensible, joyfully, and naturally.


To evaluate his progress, Montessori created a series of lessons and activities with different levels of difficulty going from concrete thinking to abstract thinking, and the child goes on his own. The Montessori method does not force. Instead, the child has the opportunity to choose the area that, like the most, keeping the balance of structure and freedom and working from among self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves. 


This comprehensive academic Curriculum aims to help the child to acquire the bases of his long life learning experience. I do all this giving them LOVE.

because LOVE is an essential tool when education a human being.