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About Me

My name is Carolina Tabares; I am a Montessori certified teacher with a bachelor's degree in science of communication and with more than five years of experience working with children from 3 to 6 years old. I am passionate about studying and understanding the way children think, the way they see the world and grow.

I respect children as I respect an adult person; I acknowledge Children for the human beings that they are. I pride myself on being a teacher because it is a huge responsibility. My beliefs on teaching through Montessori are simple; EVERYONE CAN, they can succeed and grow; they can do anything they set out to do.



Why should you trust me?


I'm professional, I have proven abilities, thanks to this more than 40 children have managed to complete their Montessori cycle and graduate successfully. I love what I do! That is why I want to continue teaching, that is why I have created Montessori House. To continue applying my experience as a  Montessori teacher,  and also to add areas of learning such as Human Awareness.



My personal and professional interests:

Human and Social studies Psychology




Healthy food



I LOVE teaching


Sense of humor




Montessori Certified Educator.
American Montessori Society Member.
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