3 Years Old

Develop and improve fine-motor skills as the preparation for future handwriting connecting each movement with the brain, then the actions (moves) comes naturally. Develop recognition, association, and classification skills, (hand-eye discrimination) as preparation for Mathematics and Reading. Also, Practical life develops independence and a sense of order in the child. At this stage, your child will start to learn essential life skills, (clean their space, organize his cloth, fold it, daily routines) and the importance of it.

To be able to acquire and increase his knowledge, the child needs the opportunity to be exposed continuously to material that allows him to explore and stimulate his senses. And this is how I will work with your child in this area. Sensorial learning is one of the best foundations for Mathematics and language skills,  with lessons that allow the child to classify and associate words with objects and pictures (nomenclature cards)

In Montessori house, at this stage, your child will learn to recognize and associate the name of the letter with the sound and symbol. (phonics) (Alphabet recognition for future reading), when he masters it, he will be ready to start reading by putting together 2 or three letters and read (Ma, Ta,) (Mom, Dad).

Recognition and association of the name of the number with the symbol and the quantity. For future math complex operations.

At this age, the child will start to learn to count until 100 and work on the decimal system (working).

Working and beginning to understand the concept of time. (days, years, months, today, yesterday, tomorrow). Spacial positions.

Working on the meaning of the universe, world and space.